What Does Detroitish Mean?

  What Does "Detroitish" Mean?


Detroitish: Adjective;

Someone who is from Detroit and lives elsewhere, a person who lives in the metropolitan area of Detroit:

  • You aren't from Detroit. You're from the suburbs; you're Detroit-ish.
  • They live down South now, so they're Detroitish.

Detroitish is a term coined by Ink Detroit (who holds the Trademark) to represent people who love Detroit but don't live in the city or are from its suburbs. You aren't fully Detroit, but you are "Detroit-ish."


You don't have to be from the city to love it or what it stands for. Anyone and everyone who visits the city can find something to love about it.


Whether you come to the city to explore its rich history or you show up to experience a unique live music show, it's easy to fall in love with Detroit.


Even if you visit the city once, you'll leave it with a new feeling of love and adoration for a place with a history as diverse as its people.


Who Came Up With "Detroitish" Brand Produts?


Detroit-ish is our very own term because we recognize how easy it is to feel like you belong here--or to love it so much you wish you were.


So, who comes up with our Detroit-ish brand products?


At Ink Detroit, our owners, Paul and Steve, are responsible for the designs you see in our Detroit-ish collection. The goal is to serve up Detroit-inspired apparel that accurately represents what it feels like to love this city.


Paul and our other in-house designers are mainly responsible for our designs. We create each design for our Detroit-loving audience.


Whether you want an attractively designed Detroitish t-shirt or a high-quality, comfy hoodie, our Detroit-ish line is the perfect collection.


Why We Love Detroit


We love Detroit because we are from here. Both Steve and Paul firmly believe that Detroit can once again be the Paris of the Midwest. But there is so much to love about this city. Let's break it down for you:

Resilient Spirit


Detroit is all about overcoming challenges. After the auto industry imploded, Detroit caught a lot of bad press about how the downturn would destroy the city. However, that challenging period brought an intense period of resourcefulness and creativity. The spirit of resilience gave Detroiters something to feel pride in.


Thriving Art Scene


The economic downturn in Detroit allowed those in the arts to take advantage of affordable buildings and DIY projects. Out of that process, art galleries, street art, murals, and innovative performance spaces emerged.


Cultural Tapestry


Detroit is also rich in cultural diversity. Historically, important cities like Corktown and Mexicantown have given the city a distinct flavor. From the many festivals like Flower Day to the city's food scene, Detroit's rich diversity is unquestionable.


Underdog Mentality


To Detroiters, being an underdog isn't bad; it's a badge of honor. The "us against the world" mentality is no stronger than it is in Detroit. They celebrate the city's progress with a genuine sense of community pride.


Why People Love Our Detroitish T-Shirts


People love Detroit for the same reason they love our Detroitish t-shirts. Wearing a t-shirt that isn't just from a souvenir shop but made by native Detroiters who love this city hits differently.


Our customers love how intricate our designs are, how they're made from high-quality fabric, and how many apparel options there are for the design.


Our Detroitish collection gets praise for many different reasons, including:


"I love how soft the hoodie is!"

"I absolutely adore the spirit it evokes!"

"Really enjoy my Detroitish products. Compliments abound when I wear them."


If you love Detroit, a Detroitish T-shirt has to be in your closet. Our apparel is a must-have because of its originality, attention to detail, and superior quality.


Where Can You Buy Detroitish T-Shirts


While Detroit might not be perfect, it is a unique blend of grit, creativity, and resilience. It's a city where history and innovation collide, affordability meets opportunity, and the people's spirit continues to inspire.


Are you serious about purchasing one of our Detroitish t-shirts? If so, check out our collection here. We have more than t-shirts; we also have mugs, stickers, hoodies, and so much more.


No matter how you choose to rep the D, we have an item that will make you smile and remind you of the country's greatest city, Detroit.